Man drinks only water - for a year!

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WHEN Darrell Manchip made a pledge to drink nothing but water for an entire year he never knew quite how tough a task that would prove to be.

The 22-year-old has given up all his favourite tipples for the past 11 months, all in his thirst to raise money for a charity close to his heart.

Darrell Manchip is drinking nothing but water for a year

Darrell Manchip is drinking nothing but water for a year

‘I never knew how tough it would be though – there’s so much I can’t have,’ said Darrell, a sales negotiator at Beal’s Estate Agents in Waterlooville.

‘I can’t have ice lollies and I haven’t had soup, cereal or dunked a biscuit in some tea for almost a year.

‘I can’t even have a nice refreshing pint after work with mates. It’s been harder than I thought, to be honest.’

Darrell, of Alver Road, Kingston, Portsmouth, is tackling the effort to quench a thirst to help The Rowans Hospice in Purbrook.

The centre provided end-of-life care for his girlfriend Chelsea Kellett’s grandmother, June.

‘Chelsea and her nan were really close,’ added Darrell.

‘Her gran was like her mum and her mum was like her sister – they’re a really close family. So she was a huge entity in her life.’

Darrell initially toyed with the idea of taking on a physical challenge like a marathon or perhaps giving up alcohol for a year.

However, he felt both of these options were ‘too easy’.

He said: ‘You can train for a marathon. Don’t get me wrong, marathons are tough. But I wanted to do something that you really couldn’t prepare for.’

Darrell had his last flavoured drink on New Year’s Eve.

Despite only drinking water, that hasn’t stopped him from socialising in the pub.

Instead of friends buying him a drink, he asked them to donate a few pounds towards his challenge, which ends next month. So far, his ‘H-2-Only’ challenge has managed to raise an impressive £1,450.

But he hopes to be able to smash his target of £1,825 before the year is out.

He added: ‘The Rowans is such an important place. They help so many people through a really hard time.’

Darrell is now urging readers of The News to back his effort in its closing stages. To donate, visit