Man finds maggot in corn on cob from Havant KFC

FIND The maggot which was discovered in a KFC corn on the cob
FIND The maggot which was discovered in a KFC corn on the cob

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A FAMILY’S takeaway dinner became a gruesome experience when a maggot was discovered in a corn on the cob.

Samantha Wellman, 40, and her children Ricki and Mercede decided to treat themselves to a KFC from the drive-through at the Havant restaurant.

DISGUST Ricki Wellman

DISGUST Ricki Wellman

But when they got home and sat down to eat, they got more than they bargained for.

Mercede, 19, was horrified when she pulled out a maggot from a corn on the cob she was about to eat.

Mrs Wellman, of Blendworth Crescent, Havant, said: ‘We all had box meals.

‘My daughter had extra corn on the cob.

‘She went to eat it and in the end of the cob was a black thing.

‘We were not sure what it was.

‘She pulled it out and it was an inch and a half long maggot.

‘She was sick. She was gagging.

‘It was absolutely disgusting.’

She added: ‘Everything went in the bin apart from the corn on the cob with the maggot.’

Ricki, 25, added: ‘After seeing the maggot I had only eaten the chips.

‘Then seeing the maggot I couldn’t eat anything else.

‘It has put me off fast food for life.’

Mrs Wellman has made an official complaint to KFC after spending more than £30 on the meal.

The company sent her a plastic bag so the corn and maggot could be sent back for further investigations, which the family has done.

Mrs Wellman has also lodged a complaint with Havant Borough Council’s environmental health department.

They will investigate once the sweetcorn has been handed in to them.

Officials said the KFC restaurant had a routine inspection on March 23 and they were happy with the standards at the premises.

Another inspection is due in September 2012, although this could change if they decide to investigate following Mrs Wellman’s complaint.

A KFC spokeswoman said: ‘We’re very sorry for Mrs Wellman’s experience.

‘Our corn cobettes arrive pre-washed and packed direct from our suppliers, and there are strict procedures in place at all stages of the food preparation process, so we are in contact with our suppliers to find out how this may have happened.

‘We have already apologised to Ms Wellman and our customer care team will be in touch to provide her with a gesture of goodwill.’