‘Man monster’ Jackman eats at Gunwharf

TASTY Film star Hugh Jackman tucks into a burger at Jamie's Italian at Gunwharf Quays. Inset, Russell Crowe
TASTY Film star Hugh Jackman tucks into a burger at Jamie's Italian at Gunwharf Quays. Inset, Russell Crowe
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HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Hugh Jackman wolfs down a burger after a tough day of filming.

The X-Men star stunned diners in Jamie’s Italian in Gunwharf Quays when he took time out from his busy schedule to pay the popular restaurant a visit.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

He joined Oscar-winner Russell Crowe and 12 cast and crew members of their latest blockbuster – a big-screen adaptation of classic musical Les Miserables.

The pair were shooting on a purpose-built set inside Portsmouth Naval Base and Jackman had to cut out the carbs and grow his hair and a beard for a role as escaped prisoner Jean Valjean.

After his meal on Tuesday he tweeted the picture and said: ‘Awesome burger at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Portsmouth. After no carbs for ages... heaven!’

Before quickly adding: ‘And yes, the convict beard and hair are gone.

‘Got to shave it off last night!’

The general manager of Jamie’s Italian Lee Hinton told The News it had been a shock to see such huge celebrities in his restaurant, but his staff had tried not to get too starstruck.

He said: ‘They had a good time here and left happy.

‘We left them alone to enjoy the evening with their guests. There was a party of 14 of them.

‘It wasn’t very busy and they came in wearing hats and scarves, obviously trying to keep a low profile.

‘It was a very pleasant surprise to have them come in and quite an honour to think they chose to eat here out of all the restaurants in Hampshire.

‘They created a bit of buzz and the team here were very exited. There was some giggling from the female members of staff.

‘But being set up by a celebrity chef we do respect the privacy of our guests if they’re famous.’

Meanwhile Phil Vaughan, from Eastney, was left starstruck after he joined the Hollywood stars for two-days of filming.

Mr Vaughan was one of 125 extras who were selected to be a part of the Hollywood blockbuster.

The 46-year-old said: ‘There was this amazing buzz when Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe came on the set. Jackman is a man monster, there’s not an inch of fat on him.

‘He was such a nice guy and took the time to say good morning to all of the extras.’