Margaret’s a radio star - at 91

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AT 91-years-old, presenting a radio show was the last thing on Margaret Leigh-Morgan’s mind.

But her on-air antics with show host Nigel Freemantle on Angel Radio has gone down a storm with listeners.

Margaret Leigh Morgan, who is a 91 and the oldest preenter at Angel Radio

Margaret Leigh Morgan, who is a 91 and the oldest preenter at Angel Radio

She is now an integral part of Mr Nigel’s Nonsense program on the internet-based station every Sunday after joining in July.

Margaret from Havant, got into the radio industry by chance. She heard an appeal over the airwaves calling on people to help answer the phones during Nigel’s show.

She decided to call the station a few days later with a request and enquired about the vacancy.

The station invited her for an interview and gave her the opportunity to help with the radio show – much to her surprise.

She said: ‘I started listening some time ago. A neighbour told me to listen to the station because of the music it plays.

‘Nigel took the place of Martin Miller so I started listening to him on Sundays.

‘I didn’t think they would want an old lady. I went along for an interview and they said come in on a Sunday. It involves computers but I am gradually picking it up.’

The new recruit got to work answering the host’s phone calls – but it wasn’t long until Nigel was inviting her to appear on air.

Now her soothing tones and zest for life have made her a permanent fixture on the show.

She added: ‘I am really enjoying it because of the people. We go along and chat about things. It’s always a surprise and I never know what he has in store for me.

‘He’s very persuasive and a very good presenter.

‘It’s all fun and very lighthearted. I had settled into my bubble of old age and giving up things, rather than starting them.’

She puts her active lifestyle, which involves cycling most mornings, down to healthy genes.

Nigel said he is ‘privileged’ to be working alongside her.

He said: ‘Since she’s been on the show there’s a lot more scope to it – it’s a popular show now.

‘We don’t plan things. I am very hard of hearing and Margaret heard the plea for help. I honestly thought she was in her 70s when she came in.

‘If anyone works alongside me I like to get them involved. Margaret has such a wonderful calm voice.

‘Everyone loves her and we get tremendous feedback.’

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