Marriage counsellors needed urgently

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HELP is needed at a marriage counselling service.

Marriage Care, a service that provides couples counselling, is looking for qualified counsellors to work as volunteers at its centre in Edinburgh Road, Portsmouth.

Mark Molden, chief executive of Marriage Care said: ‘We are seeking applications from qualified counsellors who have completed at least 100 counselling hours and would like to extend their skills in couple relationship counselling by working with us.

‘In exchange for their time, we offer ongoing professional development including a “fast-track” programme that leads to a Certificate in Relationship Counselling.

‘This course has been endorsed by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.’

The relationship counselling service is run through one or more 50-minute face-to-face sessions and helps couples in times of distress.

For further information on the service call 020 7371 1341 or visit