Marrie’s misery on Legoland ride was the beginning of a new life

SLIMMED-DOWN Marrie as she is today
SLIMMED-DOWN Marrie as she is today
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MUM Marrie Hough has spoken of how she transformed her life after suffering the embarrassment of getting stuck on a fairground ride at Legoland.

Marie weighed more than 21st and lived on up to three bacon rolls every day as well as her normal meals.

But the former bus driver realised her weight had spiralled out of control on a visit to Legoland at Windsor three years ago.

She credits her young son, Ethan, nine, for helping to turn her life around.

Marrie, 34, of St Alban’s Road, West Leigh, said: ‘It was a great day out right up till we queued for one ride. My son turned to me and said at the top of his voice “are you going to fit in that ride mummy?”

‘I was so embarrassing but replied “yes of course I am”. We waited for our turn, while thinking “I hope I fit”.

‘I sat in the ride, only just managing to get the belt around me, the bar came down and I couldn’t lock it in to place.

‘The attendant had to come and push it down hard for it to lock. I never enjoyed the ride like I should have as I was in so much pain.

‘Then the ride finished, the bar wouldn’t release and the attendant couldn’t push it down.

‘I pushed down hard to help her get me out. It took about three minutes with everyone looking, I was so embarrassed. I did get free but it was burned into my memory for ever.’

Weeks later Ethan was in tears as he cried ‘I don’t want you to die and you will because you’re fat’.

Marrie mustered up the courage to attend a slimming group in Bedhampton and has never looked back. She gave up smoking and followed a strict diet of healthy eating and portion control.

Marrie, who works at Asda, added: ‘I’ve been going for two-and-a half years now and have lost 6st 13lbs – that’s more than my son weighs. I can honestly say I am happier now that I have ever been in my life.’