Martial arts school offers classes to help keep kids out of trouble

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A MARTIAL arts academy has launched a programme aimed at helping teenagers stay out of trouble.

Rogers Jujitsu in Gosport is looking for 12 teenagers aged 14 to 17 years old to receive a free training session once a month.

Aaron Rogers, head coach of MMA, kickboxing and boxing, and his assistant coach Darren Melsome, 29, are hoping to teach children to channel their anger and learn discipline in order to keep them out of trouble.

The pair aim to work with parents before the training sessions to ensure that their child’s behaviour is improving both at school and at home.

Mr Rogers, 32, said: ‘I grew up in Gosport and I was a troublemaking teenager.

‘I thought I’d try and give teenagers something to look forward to.

‘If they are still getting into trouble, they can lose their place on the programme.’

The family-owned business was started by Aaron’s father, Martin Rogers, who is now preparing to retire and hand over the business to Aaron and his sister, Lacey.

Money from the programme is not a consideration for Mr Rogers and Mr Melsome, who are focussed on giving teenagers a chance to experience their discipline.

Mr Rogers said: ‘I’m happy to run it for as long as possible for free, as long as we can get the people for it.

‘It’s two hours of my time to be honest, it’s not a 
life-changing amount of time.’

‘This is something I want them to want to do, and if they want to do it they have to stop getting into trouble to stay on the programme.’