Mary Rose cannon to spark interest in history

A Tudor cannon from the Mary Rose Museum. ''Picture: The Mary Rose Trust
A Tudor cannon from the Mary Rose Museum. ''Picture: The Mary Rose Trust
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A CANNON from the Mary Rose will join Guy Fawke’s lantern and a bucket from the Great Fire of London on a new website which aims to spark a love of history in children.

The 3m-long gun, which is inscribed with the royal arms of Henry VIII, will feature on a website called Teaching History with 100 Objects produced by the British Museum.

The project is a free resource for primary and secondary school teachers to enrich history lessons for children aged five to 14.

Mary Rose Museum learning officer Clare Barnes said: ‘We were thrilled that our object was chosen for this for this prestigious project.

‘The Mary Rose cannon will help teachers explain the tumultuous changes in church, state and society in England during the 1530s and 1540s.’

Historian and broadcaster Dan Snow said: ‘The British Museum has got one of the greatest collections on the planet and a reputation for engaging audiences in the UK and beyond by pioneering different ways to reach out and share its treasures.

‘This is the most exciting project yet.’