Matilda gets her break going from Asda to Disney!

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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SHE may not have had any acting experience but that hasn’t stopped Matilda Humphries becoming an overnight star.

The 10-year-old was signed up to Scallywags child modelling agency by her mum Lizzie Humphries-Powling.

Matilda Humphries

Matilda Humphries

And since registering, she has been inundated with auditions and has appeared in an advert for Cadbury World in Birmingham, for Asda and later this month she will be presenting It’s my Friday on the Disney channel.

The programme celebrates Friday afternoons and features a series of different Disney shows for youngsters.

Matilda, from Brightside in Waterlooville, said: ‘I feel very proud of myself.

‘I never thought I would actually be in adverts.

‘I have become a lot more confident. I would quite like this to become one of my hobbies.

‘It’s fun and it’s making me learn more about drama and making me more confident.’

Matilda was picked from hundreds of other children for her starring role as a presenter for the Disney Channel.

Many of them had come from drama schools across the country to take part in the auditions.

And Matilda said she is getting mixed reactions from her peers at Queens Inclosure Primary School.

‘Some of the boys don’t believe me but I showed some of my friends the photos and they do believe me,’ she said.

Lizzie, 43, said: ‘I had put pictures up of Matilda on social media and a lot of people said she’s pretty and so I thought I would have a look at a few modelling agencies.

‘We had the audition for Disney at the Disney headquarters in London.

‘They auditioned a lot of children for that.’

And she added she’s pleased that joining the modelling agency has been beneficial for her daughter.

‘I’m really proud of her,’ she said.

‘She’s not the most outgoing person. She’s not confident like some of the girls at school.

‘She’s quite shy. I wanted this to give her the opportunity to realise how pretty she is and to give her that boost. I think it has helped.

‘It’s life experiences. She’s been going to a room where she doesn’t know anybody and she’s having to perform.’

The programme will be on the Disney Channel on Friday, September 19.