MBE for MoD policeman from Southsea

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IT TOOK four years to plan the role of the Military of Defence Police at the London 2012 Olympics.

And today, Sergeant Peter Jones, of Southsea, is recognised for his contribution as he is awarded an MBE.

The 64-year-old was the logistics officer, working with a range of policing and security groups – even escorting the medals.

He worked on both the Olympics and Paralympics, in both London and in Dorset for the sailing events.

Sgt Jones is in the MoD Police Planning Team, and has been in the force for 36 years.

He was nominated by Chief Constable Steve Love, who retired from the force in April.

He said: ‘His work on logistics included generating all the people, equipment, transport, training, accreditation, accommodation, finance and all the essential components of a successful and sustained major operation.

‘And his work was long, tireless and first-class.

‘In short, the MoD Police delivered on every Olympic requirement and request made of us, Sgt Jones’ work was pivotal to it all, and he is thoroughly deserving of recognition.’