Meet the Bedhampton family who sold their belongings in order to travel the world for six months a year

Do you ever want to just pack up, sell everything and travel around the world? That is what one woman did with her husband and two children.

Indiana and Phoneix on the Amalfi Coast in Italy
Indiana and Phoneix on the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Elle English, 28, is a mother of two and she decided she wanted to travel the world with her family. In order for her and her husband, property surveyor Stuart, 41, to travel the world with their two children, Indiana, five, and Phoenix, three, they decided to sell everything and rent their Bedhampton house out. Hundreds of items later sold and cash built, they were ready to set off travelling for six months.

After taking the plunge last year, one of the first destinations was to Elle and her husband’s honeymoon location, California, where their children got to see beautiful beaches and mountains.

Elle, a photographer, said that some of the things they saw were once-in-a-lifetime moments, including spotting bears.

The family on Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Elle said ‘The diversity and things you see makes California special.’

They continued their travels around the world to dramatic scenery like Wales with mountains, nature and cliffs with ‘amazing’ views and tourist locations like Italy with warm weather, beaches and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They went to locations such as Dubai, Las Vegas, Arizona, Australia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Elle said: ‘My family have made so many memories and learnt new things and seen some amazing sights around the world.’

They travelled to 38 different countries in total. After six months of travelling, they arrived back home and wanted to tell people what they saw, where they have been and the experience they had. The children wanted to tell their friends but being such a young age, the other children didn’t quite get it.

Elle and Stuart English with Indiana and Phoenix in Triglav National Park in Slovenia

‘The kids wanted to talk to their friends about it but they didn’t understand because of how young they are,’ said Elle.

Elle thought of an easier way for her kids to be able to show their friends and tell them what they had learnt. It was to write a book for children. She wrote a book from the children’s point of view called The Adventurous Kids visit California, and asked her best friend Gemma Butterworth if she could do the illustrations.

Around nine months of hard work and prints, Elle is ready to publish, but instead decided to self-publish. She included tips and tricks for road trips and filled the book with the things her children learnt whilst on their journey with their parents.

Elle said: ‘The connection within the family when we are abroad is unbeatable. We are so strong together when we are away.’

The family at Mount Snowdon in Wales

On Saturday, August 17, Elle and her family will be at Sandy Point on Hayling Beach from 2pm to 5pm to celebrate and launch the book. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there will be a guitarist, book reading and signing and if interested, book buying. You will also get the chance to chat with her and Gemma and take part in a giveaway or photo booth.

Elle said: ‘Along with the book reading, I think it’ll be a fantastic day out for anyone local, especially families and it will hopefully spread the word about my book.’

The Adventurous Kids in California is available to order online at or you can purchase at the book launch party for £7.99.

Phoenix, left, and Indiana with the book about their travels - The Adventurous Kids visit California