Meet Ewan, the Cub who lives up to the motto: be prepared

SKILLS Cub Ewan Pilley with his armful of badges. Picture: Malcolm Wells (112474-7499)
SKILLS Cub Ewan Pilley with his armful of badges. Picture: Malcolm Wells (112474-7499)
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SUPER Cub Scout Ewan Pilley has managed to collected nearly all of the highly-prized badges available to young members.

From animal carer to scientist and skater, over the last two years the multi-talented 10-year-old has been prepared as he has worked his way through 30 out of the 33 activity badges on offer with the 1st Fareham Cubs.

He has also collected all seven of the challenge badges and five out of six staged challenge badges, filling his sweater up.

Proud mum Shelley Pilley, of Denbigh Drive in Fareham, said: ‘He didn’t set out to try and get them all, but we looked through the book, and every time we did something, we’d see if there was a badge he could get that was connected with it.

‘We’ve got a friend who did ice hockey in Canada, so he took Ewan and his sister out skating, just things like that, and then getting people to sign the right bits of paper.

‘The leaders have been very supportive as well in helping him along.’

Ewan is now planning to keep up the good work as he moves on to join the 1st Fareham Scout troop in September. He said: ‘I’ve enjoyed getting all of the badges, but the DIY one, the animal badges and the challenges have been my favourites.

‘I’m hoping I can get a lot of the badges when I join the Scouts.

John Rutter, one of the leaders, Baloo, for the pack, said: ‘It’s quite a special achievement.

‘The badges are all different, so he’s got a very wide skillset. He’s been an outstanding Cub – he’s always happy, nothing troubles or worries him and he embraces challenges.’

The only activity badges Ewan hasn’t got are for martial arts, athletics plus and water activities.

Shelley, 41, added: ‘They were going to do the water activity badge at their last camp, but ironically it was too wet and the weather was too bad. And he doesn’t do martial arts.’