Meet the Gosport woman on a mission to keep the town hydrated

AS THE summer continues to heat up one woman is on a mission to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 3:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th July 2019, 5:45 pm
Danielle Lee (28) from Gosport has started a Facebook group called Stay Hydrated Gosport, where she will be handing out cold drinks to people in the local community who work outside. Picture: Sarah Standing (150719-4408)

Danni Lee, 28, from Gosport, has started a campaign called Stay Hydrated Gosport – and has already been out and about dropping off cold drinks to outdoor workers.

As someone who is always driving around working for Doggie Holiday Homes, Danni said she often rushes out and forgets her drink. 

She’s now aiming to give something back to workers who are outdoors in all weathers in a bid to stave off dehydration.

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Danni Lee has been out and about giving drinks to outdoor workers around Gosport through her Facebook group Stay Hydrated Gosport. Picture: Sarah Standing (150719-1181)

Mum-of-one Danni said: ‘When I give the drinks out, people are really surprised and grateful.

‘It’s not for money, you never know what people are going through in their day and it’s just so they’ve got someone to look out for them.’

Keeping followers updated on the campaign’s Facebook group, Danni urges people to let her know of anyone that may need cheering up, or who may have forgotten their drink or are just working really hard outdoors.

If the campaign is successful, Danni already has big plans to branch out to helping schools and care homes cope with the warm weather.

Danni said: ‘If it did work well this year then next year we could do ice lollies to schools.

‘Also I have another idea for ice lolly donations to give to local care homes. If I get enough I would love to hand some out to some homes locally.’

To get involved with the project, search on Facebook for Stay Hydrated Gosport.