Meet the mum hoping to ‘empower women’ in Hampshire on International Women’s Day

A SINGLE mum-of-two says that women who support one another can achieve things they may have never even dreamt of.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 5:35 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 6:39 pm
Charlene Maines is hosting the event on International Women's Day - which is also her birthday

Charlene Maines, 34, will be holding an International Women’s Day event in Leigh Park, in the hopes of inspiring women to challenge themselves and push each other to reach new heights in their lives.

The event being held at St Francis Church in Riders Lane on March 8 from 7pm to 9pm, and all are welcome to attend.

This is her second year running the event and she says her aim is to ‘stamp out isolation’ among women who may otherwise feel alone.

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Charlene Maines is hosting the event on International Women's Day - which is also her birthday

Charlene says that after coming out of an abusive relationship, she felt that she had no one to talk to and this made her think of all the other people who could be going through a similar thing.

She is holding the event in the hopes of helping women who may be to scared to speak out.

Charlene, who now lives in Rowlands Castle, said: ‘When I moved to Leigh Park I didn’t feel like I had anybody to talk to, and that is a situation that nobody should find themselves in.

‘It’s tough to reach out and ask for help; I think talking to other people who have been through something similar is a really good way of connecting them.

‘International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate all women from all different backgrounds – what they have achieved and what they will go on to accomplish in the future.’

There will be professionals at the event to help with employment and even people who are suffering from domestic abuse, but want to open up about their experiences.

Charlene explained that giving women the confidence to speak out will make them stronger in the future, in all aspects of life.

She said: ‘Every woman has something to offer the world – but we must not get the message of International Women’s Day confused.

‘This is not about slating men, but instead giving each other the confidence to take actions that we may otherwise be afraid to do so; even something as simple as asking for a pay rise at work or challenging something that isn’t right.

‘It’s about empowering women to be able so say they are just as strong and capable as anyone else.'