Meet the animals as the sun sets on zoo

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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MARWELL Zoo is holding the first of two events tonight, which will see visitors to the zoo having the chance to meet the animals at sunset.

The Sunset Party at the Parks will take place tonight and on June 21 from 6.30pm until 9.30pm.

Visitors to the zoo, which is near Winchester, will have the chance to meet the keepers who care for the animals, and listen to talks and presentations about their charges.

Families are also being invited to join the birds in the zoo’s new walkthrough aviary, and children will have the chance to enjoy a bouncy castle and have a picture taken with a giant rhino sculpture.

Events manager Becky Glenister said: ‘Due to the success of Marwell’s first sunset party in the park we are holding two special events this year. We have some amazing acts lined up, including animal stilt walkers, fantastic fire performers, giant talking birds and live music.’