Meeting on a bridge in Gosport to mark International Women's Day

Around 90 women gathered on Millennium Bridge in Gosport on Sunday, to celebrate International Women's Day.

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 6:45 am

The event helps mark women’s achievements – from political to social and is recognised around the world.

Several women travelled quite far to attend the event and were not disappointed.

The sun shone as they gathered together to read an uplifting poem, followed by launching a piece of rice paper into the sea with a few well-chosen words on it, to women who had inspired them.

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Then everyone retreated to the Explosion! Museum for a nice cup of tea.

‘Join Me on the Bridge’ has become a huge part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

It actually first begun when Congolese and Rwandan women arranged to meet on a bridge to demonstrate that women can build bridges between nations and create international peace and has gone on to become a huge event.

This year, women met on bridges in New York, Boston and San Francisco, with Toronto and London also taking part.

The event was organised by Gosport Women, a small group of women who meet once a month and support each other while finding ways of helping others.

The group was established five years ago by Jacky Charman, and since then they have gone from strength-to-strength.

She said: ‘The group is about having fun while supporting and helping others.

‘We are an odd mix of individuals each with our own story to tell.

‘Women are amazing and we should celebrate their achievements and support each other.’

Go Women’s mission is to have shared values for women of all ages and from all backgrounds and welcome our differences.

They want to promote women’s training, including vocational training, and life long learning so that women can enhance their lives.

Their next large event is a Women’s Festival which should take place in the autumn.

For more information, go to the Facebook page at