Megan’s zombie tale is scarily successful

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ZOMBIES have overrun Gosport and four teenagers have to pit their survival skills against the undead.

That is the storyline of 14-year-old Megan Baker’s novel which has been published and is available on Amazon.

Megan Baker 14 of Gosport who has written a zombie book called Apocalypse Road''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150111-4)

Megan Baker 14 of Gosport who has written a zombie book called Apocalypse Road''Picture: Paul Jacobs (150111-4)

Megan, from Gosport, entered the National Novel Writing Month competition which encourages people to write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days.

Apocalypse Road follows the journey of the four – Sadie, Lexus, Mellie and Jake – surviving in Gosport after a zombie invasion.

Megan, a Brune Park School pupil, said the idea came from when she was speaking to a friend about what would happen if a zombie attack did occur.

‘My friend and I were walking to school when we were speaking about a zombie attack and what we would do,’ she said. ‘I thought this would be a good idea for a book so started writing it. I never thought I would get it published though but it is exciting.’

Megan added that the top prize of the competition was to get the novel published.

She said: ‘Only people who reached the 50,000-word limit were considered as winners because it is quite a lot of words to reach in a month.

‘One of the prizes available is to get it published and that was the only prize I wanted.’

Megan’s mum Fee said she is proud of the all the hard work Megan put into the book.

‘I am extremely proud of her,’ she said.

‘She managed to write the book in a month as well as learning the words for her school production of Dracula and keeping on top of her school work.

‘Megan has always been interested in reading and when she said she wanted to take part in the competition, I was happy to support her.

‘The book is really good and when I read it, I could see Megan’s personality in it. I cannot wait to read the sequel.’