Micky is back on the move thanks to new scooter

TOP GEAR Mickey Evans with his new mobility scooter.   Picture: Malcolm Wells (113022-4609)
TOP GEAR Mickey Evans with his new mobility scooter. Picture: Malcolm Wells (113022-4609)
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DELIGHTED Micky Evans is the proud owner of a new mobility scooter thanks to generous efforts to replace his stolen life savings.

Mr Evans was left with nothing when drug addict Paul Cox snatched a bag containing £9,000 from the front of his old scooter.

But the 71-year-old former dock worker said the kindness of readers of The News has given him fresh hope.

So far, people have donated more than £1,300 and two second-hand mobility scooters to help Mr Evans.

It is a welcome boost for Mr Evans who has an inoperable tumour, has had a leg amputated and suffers from Parkinson’s.

He received the £9,000 as compensation for contracting asbestosis, but had withdrawn it from the bank after watching a TV programme warning about counterfeit bank notes.

The cash was in the basket of Mr Evans’s mobility scooter when opportunist Cox – who had followed him home from the bank – surprised him in the doorway of his home in Arundel Street, Landport.

To add insult in injury, the thief was told he would only have to pay back £1 of what he stole – because he had spent every penny.

Devastated and penniless, Mr Evans was left with no money to see his daughter in Newcastle and still had to pay £110 every month to hire his mobility scooter.

But now after trading in two old models, given by anonymous donors, for a newer machine at Cosham Mobility he has been given a fresh lease of life.

‘When I lost that money I didn’t know what I was going to do,’ he said. ‘It was everything I had.

‘But now I’m just over the moon.

‘What people have done for me is beautiful, it is more than I could have hoped for.

‘This is a good scooter and it’s actually mine, which will save me a lot in the long term.

‘Things are still going to be hard but this has given me fresh hope.

‘I’ve even been able to bring my daughter and grandaughter down for the past two weeks with the money I’ve received.’

Detective Constable Chris Dinenage took Mr Evans to buy the scooter.

He said it would help make the last years of his life bearable.

‘There were two older ones donated,’ he said. ‘But they weren’t big enough, so we arranged an exchange with Cosham Mobility who also fitted harder tyres to help Micky get around.

‘This has all come about after he was featured in The News – people have been so generous.

‘It is a real result for all of us after the disappointment of not being able to recover any of his money.’