Missing Gosport sailor Timmy MacColl’s wife to hold ‘Daddy’s Day’ memorial

MEMORIAL BID Rachael MacColl and her husband Timmy
MEMORIAL BID Rachael MacColl and her husband Timmy
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THE wife of a missing sailor declared dead said of plans to hold a full military memorial: ‘it’s what he deserves.’

Devastated Rachael MacColl, 28, was handed a death certificate for husband Timmy after an application by Royal Navy top brass.

It came despite her pleas for Dubai police to continue probing the Leading Seaman’s disappearance two years ago.

Now Mrs MacColl is organising the private event the family is calling Daddy’s Day.

She said: ‘I was given the opportunity to have a full military memorial and it is what he would have wanted.

‘We talked about it in the past and although it is difficult, it’s what he deserves.

‘I could only have it within 12 weeks. It’s navy rules. If I didn’t give it to him I’d never forgive myself. People might find it hard to understand that, while I’m angry at the navy, I want this for him. But if I didn’t do it in the time limit it would never happen.

‘I want it to be perfect for him.’

Mrs MacColl has bought a time capsule which has been specially made and asked people to include letters, photos, and anything else they want to share. She added: ‘It’s going to be buried at his plot under his memorial plaque. So if he ever does come home he would see how I did it. It would all be there for him.

‘It’s a private day for friends and family to gather to mark their respect and to give him a day where he’s remembered and loved for who he really was.

‘It maybe sounds mad but the time capsule is meant to be dug up. It’s not a permanent thing. I still hope that maybe that will still happen.’

Children Cameron, eight, Skye, six and Eriskay, 20 months, will be at the event.

Mrs MacColl said: ‘The kids want to put in photos. If Timmy were never to come back then maybe they can open it when I’m gone. Or it’s something later on in life that I could do. That is what it is about.

‘All of those friends and family sharing something with him.

‘It’s not like a grave. It holds all the memories and all the love and everything that he meant to everybody.

‘I’m not planning a grave. I’m not putting a box of ashes in there. I’m just facing life without him.’

Timmy from Gosport, then 28, was last seen at the Rock Bottom bar and restaurant in Bur Dubai before being put into a taxi at about 2am on May 27 2012.