Missing Havant cat’s microchip gets her back home

REUNITED Mike Green with his cat Jed. Picture: Sarah Standing (123690-3703)
REUNITED Mike Green with his cat Jed. Picture: Sarah Standing (123690-3703)
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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ONLY Jed the cat knows whether she has used any of her nine lives or not on her recent adventures – and she’s not telling.

The five-year-old cat went missing for more than a month from her home in Colbury Grove, Havant, and was found 13 miles away in Titchfield.

Fortunately the lady living on Titchfield Road who found her took Jed to the Stubbington Ark animal shelter where she was checked for a microchip.

And because the information on the chip was up to date, Jed was soon reunited with her anxious owner, Mike Green.

Mike, 42, said: ‘We don’t know exactly when she went missing properly because she often wanders off for days at a time and visits neighbours.

‘We weren’t overly concerned at first and we had other things going on with a death in the family, so that was our priority.

‘Then we went away on holiday and when we came back from that, the person who usually looks after Jed for us said she still hadn’t seen him.

‘It was only a week later that we got a call from the Ark to tell us they had Jed.

‘We have no idea how she ended up over there. We rarely go to that part of the world, and she was born to one of our other cats when we lived in Portsmouth, so if she was going to go anywhere you might think it would be there.

‘She is affectionate though and does like to get in people’s cars, so maybe that’s what happened.

‘We’re just glad she’s back, and we’re not going to let her out for a while yet.’

Vanessa Eden, fundraising manager at the Ark, said: ‘It’s cases like this that highlight the importance of getting your cats and dogs microchipped. If Jed hadn’t been microchipped this story probably wouldn’t have had such a happy ending.’

The Ark, on Ranvilles Lane, Stubbington, offers a microchipping service for £12 a pet. Call 01329 667541 for details.