More amazing LEGO dinosaurs have arrived at Marwell Zoo

More spectacular LEGO sculptures have been added to Marwell Zoo’s BRICKOSAURS collection for the summer.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 6:40 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd July 2019, 10:38 pm

The five new dinosaur species include a towering four-metre tall Plesiosaur, a 1,500kg Stegosaurus, a colourful Mochlodon, five bird-like Archaeopteryx and a cute baby Tyrannosaurus rex.

The dinosaur attractions were first displayed at the park, near Winchester, in April and more of the amazing sculptures were added over the following months.

The life-like LEGO creations will be on display until September 1.

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Stegosaurus. Picture: Jason Brown

Models include a huge eight-metre T-rex which can now protect its newly-arrived offspring.

The creators Bright Bricks are the world’s largest independent professional LEGO building firm with more than 60 staff using in excess of 30 million bricks each year at their warehouse in Bordon.

Other highlights of BRICKOSAURS include a base camp where children can have fun and get inspired in the brick pits, and the chance to see Spike the new Stegosaurus mascot.

Sean Mannie, commercial director at Marwell Zoo, said: ‘This is our biggest event to date, and it’s such a privilege to be the first attraction in the world to host it.

Dilophosaurus. Picture: Jason Brown

‘More than two million bricks were used to complete the collection and we have some of the largest LEGO brick dinosaur models ever made. It’s truly incredible to see.’

T-Rex and baby T-rex. Picture: Jason Brown