Motorway noise won’t be an issue, says developer

The A3(M)
The A3(M)
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NOISE from the A3M is one of the problems planners must overcome to build a new estate, residents say.

People from across Bedhampton visited a consultation on plans to build 86 new homes on the site where Homebase and the AMF Bowling alley now stands, off Portsdown Hill Road.

Although there is little opposition to redeveloping the brownfield site, there are concerns over the noise coming from the motorway.

David Webb, chairman of West Bedhampton Residents’ Association, said: ‘Havant Borough Council has told the developers that this would be a gateway site to Havant and they must make it look good.

‘I’ve got to think about the people living in the houses, not the visual impact of the site. The thing I’m worried about is the noise. It’s very close to the motorway.

‘It needs a sound barrier there. I don’t know why they are not putting one in. People should be able to live in a quiet situation.’

Planning experts from developer Linden Homes were at yesterday’s consultation at Havant Rugby Club to explain the design.

Architect Dennis Priestley said the row of three to five-storey flats parallel to the A3M would act as a sound barrier.

And the plan would be to have windows that open at the front of the flats, not the back.

He said: ‘Living rooms and bedrooms would look onto the site with the potential to open windows.

‘The ones at the back would be kitchens, bathrooms, perhaps second bedrooms.

‘There are some cracking views from the south west but that is where the noise comes from.’

If the plans are given the go ahead by the council, they would also include triple glazing.

Parking would be between the motorway and the flats.

Mr Webb said he was also concerned with the loss of the bowling alley as a community amenity because it is regularly used by disabled groups.

He has requested the developers contribute to another leisure facility if it is lost.

And he raised concerns that Havant residents be given priority for the affordable housing.

Councillor Ken Smith said: ‘I honestly don’t think noise is going to be as much of a problem as people think.

‘It is far less noisy than the Scratchface Lane site down the road.’

An application is expected early next year.