Mud, glorious mud makes a winning picture for Jessica

HAPPY The winning shot of Noah Denholm's first mud bath was taken by mum Jessica
HAPPY The winning shot of Noah Denholm's first mud bath was taken by mum Jessica
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MUD, glorious mud – there’s nothing quite like it as far as one-year-old Noah Denholm is concerned.

He loved sliding around and getting dirty in his garden so much that mum Jessica captured the scene on camera.

Now her shot of Noah has been judged the winner of our annual One Summer’s Day photographic contest.

On July 20 we asked readers to take pictures of what they were doing to provide a snapshot of a typical summer’s day.

Jessica, 22, from Almondsbury Road, Paulsgrove, said of her winning photo: ‘Noah loves to be messy.

‘We had just emptied his paddling pool, which made a tempting puddle of mud on the grass.

‘He loved splashing about in it and getting himself dirty. He’d never been muddy before.’

Jessica wins a three-night weekend break at Bunn Leisure’s holiday park in Selsey, worth more than £350.

It includes a new, bigger, sandier £17m beach which is open for the first time this summer.

Jessica said: ‘I feel really good about winning. I’m looking forward to going on the holiday and I will definitely be taking more photos.

Jessica added: ‘I’m the family photographer. I’m never in the pictures but always behind the camera.

‘I just do it for fun, but it’s something I’d like to do as a job in the future.’

Christine Lawrence took the runner-up prize of a midweek stay at Bunn Leisure with a humorous photo of her husband, Mark, and their cat, Elsie, napping together in the garden after a hard day’s work.

Christine, 63, of Southwick near Fareham, said:

‘I’m very excited. I didn’t think I was going to win because I had seen the photos in previous years and thought they were really good. The cat just rolled over next to Mark – she’s a bit of a character.’

Simon Toft, features editor of The News, said: ‘Once again we had a great response with a wide variety of pictures showing what readers got up to on July 20.

‘But the joyful shot of young Noah enjoying a mud bath really stood out.’