Mum banned from selling rocking horse on Facebook because it thought it was a real animal

Stock image of a rocking horse.
Stock image of a rocking horse.
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A Hampshire mum was banned from trying to sell a rocking horse on Facebook - after it was mistaken for a real animal.

Vicky Osborne put the toy on sale for £15 after clearing out her house, but was told by the social networking site that she had breached its policies.

She was told users are not allowed to sell animals as well as other items including alcohol, porn and weapons.

Vicky, from Winchester, told The Sun: ‘It doesn’t make any sense, it’s a rocking horse for crying out loud.

‘All it takes is a bit of common sense on their part to actually take a look at the post and figure it out.’

Facebook’s Commerce Policy lists 12 categories of items users are banned from selling, including animals.

Vicky, 42, tried to appeal against the website’s message, writing: ‘Have a day off admin staff, you are clearly in desperate need of one.’

A Facebook spokesperson told the paper that the post had been incorrectly flagged up and had now been restored.