Mum’s anger after noisy phone mast and generator are put near home

Davina Mosely with the generator and mast near her home Picture: Vernon Nash (171183-040)
Davina Mosely with the generator and mast near her home Picture: Vernon Nash (171183-040)
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FURIOUS Davina Moseley says a mobile phone company refused to talk to her after a mast and generator were put up near the end of her garden without planning permission.

The 54-year-old was shocked when she came home from work to find a temporary mobile phone mast near her house.

Davina said: ‘It went up overnight and we residents were not told anything about it.

‘The generator was first put up in July and it made a noise like a refrigerated lorry 24 hours a day.’

Davina contacted O2 to complain about the generator.

She said: ‘I rang up O2 and they told me they couldn’t speak to me about the issue because I wasn’t an O2 customer.’

Davina then contacted Fareham Borough Council and was told the generator did not have planning permission and an environmental health officer was sent round to her house to assess the noise.

Davina said: ‘As an occupational therapist I look after people’s lives and when I come home I need to relax and also sleep well.’

Following the meeting, the generator was changed to operate between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Davina, from Titchfield, said: ‘It’s better but it still comes on early on a weekend and originally I was told it would be taken down at the end of August and now it’s October.

A spokesperson for O2 said: ‘A temporary mast was installed on Barnes Wallis Road to ensure that we maintain coverage for our customers in the area after a nearby base station was removed.

‘A generator (which is silent at night) and acoustic panelling have been installed to help reduce noise levels.

‘Instances like this are rare and we apologise to local residents for any inconvenience.’

O2 said it approached Fareham Borough Council for planning.

But a spokesperson for the council said: ‘The mast is unauthorised and does not have the required planning permission.

‘Planning officers are in contact with the mast operators to find a solution to the current issues including an alternative site for a permanent telecommunications mast.

‘The immediate issue of noise from the mast’s generator was dealt with by our colleagues in Environmental Health who asked the mast operator to replace the generator with a quieter model and provide acoustic screening which they duly did.’

Davina added: ‘There is an industrial estate over the road so why can’t they put it there where there are no residents.

‘In terms of the planning, the council needs to make an example of O2 as they need to understand they can’t just put generators anywhere without planning permission.’