Mum took her own life hours after planning for Christmas

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A MOTHER took her own life after spending the day with her family, an inquest heard.

Louise Stockton, 28, of Wingfield Street, Landport, spent December 3 with her mother Edna Stockton and her young son.

According to a police statement read out by coroner David Horsley, during day mother and daughter had arranged to spend Christmas together.

In the evening Edna offered to look after her grandson for the night. Once she was at home she remembered her bank card was still at her daughter’s.

At 12.50am, on December 4, she took her grandson along to the Wingfield Street flat to retrieve the card.

There they found Louise in the bathroom where she had attempted to hang herself.

Paramedics took Miss Stockton to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, where doctors fought to save her life.

Toxicology tests showed she was almost twice the drink-drive limit.

She was put on a life-support machine but was found to have suffered severe brain damage. Her family took the decision to turn off all support and she died on December 5.

It was revealed in a letter from Miss Stockton’s GP that she had suffered with depression over several years and had, on occasions, been on anti-depressants.

Mr Horsley recorded a verdict that Miss Stockton took her own life while depressed.