Mums’ fury after builder’s breastfeeding ‘joke’ on Facebook

A mother breastfeeds her baby
A mother breastfeeds her baby
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MUMS are furious after a builder made a joke about a breastfeeding mother on social media – and then said she shouldn’t be feeding her baby in front of other people in her own home.

On Facebook Will Wallace, from Gosport, posted on his public profile that he had walked in on the woman breastfeeding.

The post received angry comments from mums in Gosport and Fareham after it was shared among mother and baby groups on the social media site.

Mr Wallace then caused more offence by saying it would have been ‘common sense’ for the mother to ‘have ensured her breast was safely wrapped up’ or that she should have fed the baby in a room away from him.

He said it was ‘pretty careless’ of her not to do that.

As the argument with parents continued, he posted an insulting comment about the mother’s breasts.

Mr Wallace later apologised but breastfeeding mums are saying the comment should not have been made at all – and that it shows an out-of-date attitude.

Lucy Howell is a Breastfeeding Network helper who volunteers at a breastfeeding cafe run by the NHS. She also breastfeeds and saw the post on Facebook.

The 21-year-old said: ‘I saw the post and I was shocked. I cannot believe that a woman who should feel comfortable in her own home is made to feel that it was wrong.

‘It must have been quite humiliating for her if she saw the post.

‘We are campaigning so much to make women confident to feed in public, let alone in their own homes.

‘But it was lovely to see how much support she received from other mums.

‘It just showed how many people are out there to support breastfeeding mums.’

Mum-of-two Stephanie Allen also heard about the post. She has been attending the breastfeeding cafe at The Haven Children’s Centre, in Gosport, since last May.

The 33-year-old, from Fareham, said: ‘Women should feel comfortable breastfeeding.

‘I still cannot believe that he posted what he did. I was shocked by it all especially because it was in her home.’

Gillian Boorn, from Gosport, said she has builders working on her home at the moment but she feels comfortable enough to breastfeed around them.

The 32-year-old said: ‘I have builders in but I feel safe around them. They have walked in on me breastfeeding but they don’t make a comment. They just get on with it.

‘It would be nice to think that someone could breastfeed in their own home and feel confident about it.’

After several posts had been made to Mr Wallace about the comments he had made, he wrote: ‘Hello, I’d like to apologise to anyone I have offended.

‘I believe there has been some crossed wires. This has been completely blown out of proportion.

‘Following some tongue-in-cheek and clearly silly laddish behaviour between friends I made a comment about a lady breastfeeding making my day on Facebook. It is a joke which has gone too far.’

Mr Wallace did not respond to requests by The News to comment on the incident.