Mum’s heartbreak at four-year-old son’s ‘inoperable’ brain tumour

A MUM has revealed her ‘heartbreak’ at her four-year-old son’s ‘inoperable’ brain tumour

Thursday, 9th May 2019, 3:51 pm
Updated Friday, 10th May 2019, 9:56 am
Tommy Chambers

Gosport parent Chelsea Fitton, 28, admitted it was ‘horrific’ what her son Tommy Chambers was going through after he was suddenly struck down with the little known condition neurofibromatosis.

The Bedenham Primary School pupil has been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for the last six months – with him still set to face another two years of gruelling treatment.

Even after the course of treatment is finished Tommy will have to be supervised regularly into his 20s for the genetic condition that causes tumours to form on nerve tissue.

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Tommy Chambers with dad Anthony and mum Chelsea

The tumours for the condition can often be non-cancerous but can turn malignant. It is not known whether Tommy’s tumour is cancerous as they are unable to access it – but it has been described in the mid-grade 2/3 due to its growth.

And now Chelsea wants to raise awareness of the condition – with a special non-uniform day being held at Tommy’s school on May 17.

Speaking of the awareness day, supported by the Childhood Tumour Trust, Chelsea said: ‘The school has been so supportive of Tommy as have all the other children. Other parents have been very generous too by giving gifts.

‘Everyone is really keen to help out and raise awareness of the condition that is quite common but not that well known about – even among doctors and nurses. It’s quite frustrating how little is known about it.’

Speaking of how Tommy, who now uses a wheelchair, is coping, Chelsea said: ‘He is doing amazingly considering. It’s obviously not nice but he doesn’t really understand. He is still a happy boy which is incredible but it is heartbreaking at the same time, especially as it is inoperable.

‘Tommy has missed school because of his treatment but is determined to catch up. He will probably have to re-do his first year at primary school.’

Tommy, who lives in Bridgemary with Chelsea, his dad Anthony Chambers and three-year-old brother George, is currently being treated between Queen Alexandra Hospital and Southampton General Hospital.

Chelsea said: ‘Tommy had an MRI scan which shows the tumour is growing. He will have to go to the cancer ward in Southampton until his mid 20s.

‘But at the moment he spends a lot of time at hospital but also spends time at home when he can.

‘He has lots of friends who all love him and are so kind so that really helps. The Childhood Tumour Trust have been brilliant as well helping in so many ways including funding a trip for us to go to Florida next year.’