Mystery clown is a Portsmouth sensation

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Tyler Smith

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The mystery clown wandering Portsmouth is attracting a lot of comment on social media sites.

This picture was taken by Cat Smitham, and apparently shows the clown in Guildhall Walk.

Jay ‏@JayeSellers said: ‘If you are in #Portsmouth there’s a man in a v scary clown mask following people around town. omg!’

Mystery of ‘Scary’ clown in Portsmouth

And Lily ‏@x_lilys said: ‘Portsmouth locals are nuts, Just seen a man riding a bicycle in a suit and a clown mask....?’

Meanwhile Nicole Lipizzi ‏@Nicole_Lip told her Twitter followers: ‘People of Portsmouth beware of the kid dressed in a suit wearing a clown mask and holding a balloon!’

And Cat Smitham ‏@CatrionaSmitham said: ‘Only in Portsmouth would there be a man dressed as a clown stroking random people on the street.’

Emma Shewell-Cooper ‏@emsc1 added: ‘There’s a man riding round Portsmouth on a bike with a clown mask on holding a balloon #whatalocal’

The Portsmouth clown appears to be a carbon copy of a joker who created a sensation in Northampton last year.

The creepy clown was pictured around the town dressed like horror writer Stephen King’s character Pennywise from the movie It.

His picture was published on TV news bulletins on TV news as far afield as the US, Australia, India, Canada and Japan, after he first appeared in Northampton on Friday, September 13.

He was eventually identified as a local university student.