Neighbours angry at plans to build homes in gardens

The area of Horndean where the new homes would be built, with  The Spinney to the south and The Coppice to the west
The area of Horndean where the new homes would be built, with The Spinney to the south and The Coppice to the west
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PLANS to build five homes in two back gardens have been dubbed as ‘excessive over-development’ by neighbours and councillors.

Objections have been lodged against proposals to build on land belonging to two homes in Victory Avenue, Horndean, at which residents are willing to sell part of their gardens for the project.

Concerns about noise pollution, access, safety and wildlife have been raised to East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) – but those supporting the development said more homes are needed, and argued the extra noise will be insignificant.

In its objection letter, Horndean Parish Council said: ‘This is quite an extensive development in a fairly small space.

‘The addition of five homes in that space is likely to significantly increase the level of noise experienced by neighbours. New traffic would be forced to come and go through a narrow access road, which results in a long, single carriageway without any passing places. This could result in a high risk of vehicles colliding.’

The development would be surrounded by those living south at The Spinney and west at The Coppice.

Southern Planning Practice said the project would consist of two three-bedroom and three two-bedroom homes, with parking.

Nicki Jackson, 49, has lived on Victory Road with her husband for 12 years. She said: ‘We’re angry. Our main concern is the drainage, and the fact someone is trying to fit five houses into a small space.

‘This isn’t something we ever thought about having to deal with.

‘When you look out into our back garden you see beauty and lots of trees, immediately that will be lost.

‘This is also a quiet area, so we’re worried about the extra noise.’

But Gregory Gregori, who will be selling ‘just over half’ of his garden to the developer, said noise will not likely be an issue.

The 66-year-old said: ‘I understand people’s concerns, but why is this development different to any other in the area? If you go down Catherington Lane, Frogmore Lane, and even London Road, extra homes have been built there.

‘It’s not being sold as a nightclub or pub.

‘There’s two people in our house but it’s big enough for five or six, and if that many people lived here it would create more noise.

‘The same goes for the houses along The Coppice, more people could live in those houses, but would we object to more noise being made if they did? No.

‘And one of the most important things is, more housing is desperately needed.

Francis Lynes, 89, could see her garage knocked down and part of her driveway used as an access road to the development. She said: ‘The government has said more houses are needed. I’ve got a lot of space which I don’t need that can be used to help to provide more homes, so why shouldn’t I help? I’m not worried about noise or privacy.’

EHDC councillor Guy Shephard, who represents Horndean, said: ‘EHDC is managing to deliver housing in line with its local plan. This means we have been able to prevent speculative development in the countryside outside of our settlement policy boundary, but that we need to make the best use of land in already built up areas.

‘The Victory Avenue development though, looks like excessive over-development and I hope the planning committee is able to refuse it. Garden infill when it occurs needs to be appropriate to the area and have a sensible density of housing.’