Never leave pets in hot cars, says shelter

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WITH the scorching temperatures set to remain this week, an animal shelter is warning about the dangers of leaving pets in cars.

The Stubbington Ark RSPCA Animal Shelter says it is dangerous for pets to leave them in cars even with the windows open, as vehicles can quickly become overheated.

Vanessa Eden, head of fundrasing at the shelter, which is in Stubbington, said: ‘With hot temperatures forecast people just don’t realise that their car can quickly become an oven, even though parked in the shade and windows open.

‘That is why we as a charity are trying to educate the public that leaving animals in cars is unacceptable and even leaving your pet in the car for five minutes can quickly end in tragedy.’

In 2010 a couple from Eastleigh were banned from keeping animals for three years after leaving their dog to die in a hot car while they were at the beach.

Staff at the Stubbington Ark said anyone visiting the shelter will be reminded that they face prosecution if they leave pets in cars during the hot weather.

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