New members welcome at Rowlands Castle Painting Society

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EASTNEY Ferry Point was the last painting trip out for members of an art club this year.

Rowlands Castle Painting Society has now concluded its summer outdoor meetings but there is still lots going on throughout the autumn and winter period.

Member Terry Devaney said: ‘Many interesting locations have been visited and on the whole these artistic outings benefited from some exceptionally fine weather.

‘Friendships are made in these settings and it enhances the whole experience of belonging to a society with like-minded people.

‘Our members come from across the region and it is open to all, regardless of ability.

‘It offers a great opportunity to those who would like to exercise their talents and mix with people who share their enjoyment and love of art.’

Annual membership is £25. The group meets on Tuesday at Rowlands Castle Parish Hall.

Go to or call 01243 371662 for details.