NEWS COMMENT: We could all learn from Terri-Ann’s fundraising

Runners taking part in the Great South Run
Runners taking part in the Great South Run
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People take on the Great South Run for all sorts of reasons.

Some want a challenge to aim for, some are raising money and some are inspired to take part by things that happen in their lives.

Today we bring you the story of Terri-Ann Martin.

Hers, sadly, is a tragic story.

Terri-Ann’s dad Terry, a life-long Pompey fan, was killed in an accident in the A3.

Her family, of course, went through a terrible time and will be forever changed by what happened.

But Terri-Ann and her family received vital support from the charity Brake in their hour of need.

Brake is a road safety charity that works working with communities and organisations across the UK.

Along with supporting bereaved families, its aims are to stop road deaths and injuries, make streets and 
communities safer for everyone, and support people bereaved and seriously injured on roads.

The charity gave Terri-Ann and her family the support they needed at a time of great grief.

And now she wants to repay the favour by raising money for Brake by taking on the Great South Run.

We admire her for challenging herself in this way.

There are charities of all kinds doing fantastic work in this area.

Doubtless a lot of them 
are in need of funds of the kind Terri-Ann will be raising.

So if you find yourself being helped in some way by a charity, why not try and find a way of saying thank you?

And if you want to help Terri-Ann help Brake, go here to sponsor her.