No freestyle – it’s strictly ballroom for dancing duo

Heidi Ayling and Deej Moors from Fareham' Picture: KPPR
Heidi Ayling and Deej Moors from Fareham' Picture: KPPR
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A PAIR of award-winning freestyle dancers have taken part in a new TV series about ballroom dancing.

Heidi Ayling and Deej Moors are one of five couples featured in The Secret Life of the Ballroom which goes behind the scenes as they attempt to master classic ballroom styles before facing industry judges.

Heidi, 28, said: ‘The truth is we almost pulled out of the show before it started due to fear of failing at something we knew was totally out of our league.

‘However, we wanted to prove to ourselves and others that, in order to grow, you sometimes have to just jump in the deep end. Our aim was to inspire others to live out their fears.’

The couple from Fareham have won awards in freestyle dancing

Comparing freestyle to ballroom, Deej said: ‘They both use music, two people and dance steps but we liken it to putting a fish in a sauna and asking it to survive without water.’

The five pairs had to master six routines including samba, jive and the quickstep as well as pulling together show-stopping outfits to impress the judges on competition day.

Heidi said: I really enjoyed the cha cha with the exciting rhythm but I felt the jive was difficult to grasp.

Deej added: ‘I loved experimenting with all the Latin techniques but the Samba was so challenging with the nine different rhythms to execute precisely.

‘My brain and legs didn’t always agree.’

The duo have been freestyle dancing together for four years but only Deej had previous experience with ballroom.

The 36 year-old said: I attempted ballroom basics with my mum 22 years ago for a few lessons but specific training for this show we both had zero – hence why we were so grateful to secure the services of an incredibly talented and highly respected dance coach, Nicholas Inchelin.’

The couple had two lessons a week to learn each dance style during the filming.

Heidi said: ‘We would try to practise in any spare time we got like in supermarkets, at the top of the Spinnaker Tower, and was mainly in the evenings after and early morning gym session and a full day of work.’

The series starts at 8pm on Sunday September 17 on channel W.