No win for Lulu but it’s still a Crufts triumph in owner’s eye

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LULU the incredible rescued dog had a brilliant time at Crufts.

The six-year-old appeared in The News after making it into the agility finals of the world’s biggest dog competition last week, despite a shaky start in life.

JUMP Lulu takes part in agility training

JUMP Lulu takes part in agility training

She was given up to the Blue Cross animal charity and adopted by Anne Arbon, from Denmead, who is an expert dog trainer.

Jo Toscano, a spokeswoman for Blue Cross, has been keeping in contact with Mrs Arbon to check on Lulu’s progress.

She said: ‘Sadly, Lulu wasn’t placed, but had a great time and who knows what might happen next year.’ On the day Lulu made 16 faults – which is not too bad for a Crufts novice.

Mrs Arbon said: ‘I’m so glad we got Lulu from the Blue Cross. She is a wonderful dog and I wish more people would consider getting a rescue dog.’

The collie was given up by her original owners because she could not kerb natural instincts and began herding the children – as she would have done on a farm.

If you are thinking about rehome a dog or cat then Blue Cross wants to hear from you. Go to 0300 777 1530.