Nursery rhyme mementoes from old hospital on display in Havant

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A NEW pair of cherished nursery rhyme tiles from a former hospital have gone on display.

Hampshire Museum Service has changed the two panels that were on show at The Spring in Havant and replaced them with the Old King Cole and Old Mother Hubbard tiles.

Kate Saunders, heritage officer for the venue in East Street, explained: ‘Many visitors to The Spring have been delighted to see a selection of tile panels from the old Havant War Memorial Hospital on display in the Oyster Room after The Spring played host to the entire collection of panels in autumn 2013.

‘The tiles depict a series of nursery rhymes in beautiful pastel colours, and those now on display tell the stories of Old King Cole and Old Mother Hubbard.

‘The story of the tiles began in 1935, when Royal Doulton artist William Rowe was asked to design 10 panels depicting well-loved nursery thymes, to cheer up the young patients in the King George V Children’s Jubilee Ward.

‘Even adults who were later nursed in the former children’s ward have recalled how they derived pleasure from looking at them. Each panel was made up of 24 tiles, with one bearing the signature “WR Doulton Lambeth”.’

The tiles were saved following a community effort when the hospital closed in 2011.

Mrs Saunders added: ‘We invite residents to make another visit to see the panels.’