Offbeat: Video - Britain’s smallest pug dog

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Britain’s smallest pug dog just is just four inches tall.

A woman reckons she’s got Britain’s smallest PUG, a tiny little ball of snuffles that is smaller – than a drink CAN.

Britain's smallest pug dog. Picture: SWNS

Britain's smallest pug dog. Picture: SWNS

Pip the tiny pug stands just less than four inches tall, and is half the size of her sister.

The four-month-old runt of the litter is a purebred pug, who just never seemed to grow, according to owner Joanne Astley.

Joanne, 54, decided to start breeding pugs last year, and was delighted when two-year-old Ruby gave birth to a litter of four in January. But her delight soon turned to shock when she realised that one of the puppies was half the size of the others.