Offbeat: Video - Driver’s head-on near miss while overtaking a horse

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Video shows a speeding driver coming within inches of a head-on collision while overtaking a horse on a rural country road.

Michael Preedy, 36, captured the dramatic footage of the out-of-control silver Honda Civic zooming past him on his dash cam at 5.30pm on Sunday, May 24.

A shot from the dash cam. Picture: SWNS

A shot from the dash cam. Picture: SWNS

The dad-of-four was driving slowly behind his partner Susan Howen, 35, who was walking her three-year-old horse Cally on a quiet B-road near Madley, Herefordshire.

The shocking video shows the moment the boy racer flew past his 4x4, narrowly avoiding a collision with a black Ford Focus coming the other way.