Offbeat: Video - New Red Arrows ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

News' photographer Habibur Rahman dresses as Spiderman to raise money while abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower.  Picture: David Taylor/LMS Mag

Comic characters lay aside rivalry to abseil Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower for Brain Tumour Research

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Aviation fans get a taste of life in the skies with the new £2m white knuckle ride at Blackpool pleasure beach.

Complete in Red Arrows livery, the brand new ride also features its own control tower from which novice pilots will be prepared for take-off.

A view from the ride as it spins round

A view from the ride as it spins round

Red Arrows Skyforce is situated in the shadow of the Big One rollercoaster.

The 72ft high, 12- seat white-knuckle ride will take you on a 360-degree tour of the skies.

Stepping into your cockpit, you take control of the aeroplane and spin, glide and take formation in your very own display.