Offbeat: Video - The singing dentist

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This jolly dentist has created many gleaming smiles among his patients - as he sings to them to calm them down.

Dr Ebi Bamgboye, known to patients and locals as “the singing dentist” put on a polished performance of his soothing vocal range to relieve stress and nerves as they brace themselves for surgery.

Dr Ebi Bamgboye, the singing dentist. Picture: SWNS

Dr Ebi Bamgboye, the singing dentist. Picture: SWNS

The 56-year-old oral surgeon said he has crooned his way to calm patients ever since he can remember as he sings along to tunes on the radio while carrying out his handiwork.

He said: “I’m a specialist oral surgeon, so patients get referred to me for undergoing work, for example on wisdom teeth.”