Offbeat - video: Toddler plays with toys after kidney transplant

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A toddler suffering severe kidney problems has received a life-saving transplant from his 59-year-old grandmother in one of the UK’s largest age-gap donations.

Little Jack Cox, three, showed signs of problems with his kidneys during scans before he was born.

His parents, Jennifer and Steven, welcomed Jack into the world six weeks early but he was missing one kidney and had just four per cent function in the other. Brave Jack spent the the first two months of his life in hospital while medics tried to determine the extent of the damage caused to his organs.

But although the adorable youngster was finally brought home to Tickhill, South Yorks., his battle continued as he spent his first two years of life in constant agony - vomiting 30-40 times a day and being fed by a tube into his stomach.