Ordination for Havant Spiritualist Church’s first minister

Alan Baker
Alan Baker
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THIS weekend will see the ordination of a church’s first official minister.

Alan Baker, who has been a member of the Spiritualist Church for 50 years, will be ordained at Havant Spiritualist Church, in Brockhampton Lane, tomorrow.

The church opened in 1996 and Mr Baker, from Fareham, has been the officiant since then.

It has taken a long time to become an ordained minister but he is looking forward to the service, at 2pm.

Mr Baker, 67, said: ‘I’m a little overwhelmed actually. It’s a very, very big thing and it’s going to be a very emotional day. It’s a big thing for me personally.

‘My family will be there and lots of friends. I’m just trying to work out how I’m going to squeeze them all in.’

Spiritualism is the eighth largest religion in the UK.

The Havant church has a congregation of between 20 and 70 for each service.

At each service there are prayers and a medium will attempt to talk to people who have died – spiritualist believe only the physical body dies but the spirits continue and are able to communicate with the living.

Mr Baker added: ‘We believe in an all-loving god, who is not vengeful or wrathful.

‘We believe everybody goes to the next life.’

The public are welcome to attend the ordination.