Organiser hails village carnival as big success

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THOUSANDS of people flocked to Titchfield Carnival yesterday to enjoy the village’s huge annual event.

Visitors were kept entertained with a procession of 104 cars, from the 1915 Model T Ford to modern classics, such as the BMW Z3 and Mazda MX5.

l'The 'Toys Are Back in Town' - 22nd (St Albans) Portsmouth Scout Group

l'The 'Toys Are Back in Town' - 22nd (St Albans) Portsmouth Scout Group

And fantastic floats joined the procession, along with the queen and princess of the carnival being crowned in the square.

Kate Scott is the chairman of Titchfield Bonfire Boys Society, which organised the carnival.

She said: ‘We had 104 cars – we had classics from 1915, a DeLorean – we had all sorts.

‘I just like the look of them, we had a fantastic TVR.

‘It’s been really good.

‘Considering the weather, we’ve had fantastic crowds.

‘I think we’ve had 5,000 to 7,000 people here.

‘It’s probably the largest crowd that we’ve had in five years.

‘It’s having different events and hopefully people have had a good experience and want to come back to Titchfield Carnival next year.’

The windy weather delayed the event slightly, but that did not diminish the fun as evidenced by the large crowds.

Kate added: ‘There have been some fantastic floats.

‘For me as the chairman my highlight is the crowd – the people who have come and supported us and experienced the new events.’

And last night the crowds were building for the bands’ performances at the carnival.

Ann Whyntie, of Gainsborough Mews, in Titchfield entered the carnival in 2000 and joined the committee in 2006, and was yesterday back in the procession.

The former chairman was collecting alongside the Egypt float yesterday.

She said: ‘It great fun and it was nice to be back full-circle performing in the carnival.

‘There was a lot of entertainment and fabulous classic cars in the square.’