Outrage over execution film on Facebook

Kyle Hadnett
Kyle Hadnett
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SUPPORT worker Kyle Hadnett said he was disgusted when Facebook told him it would refuse to ban a horrific video which shows men being executed.

The 20-year-old said he was sickened when the graphic video popped up in his news feed – a timeline of posts made by his Facebook friends.

Unsure of what it was, he clicked on it only to be confronted with the awful image of the public execution of a group of men shot in the back of their heads.

He said he was left shocked with the response he had from the social media giant when he reported the video.

In a message the company said the video did not violate its community standards – although the company now says that message was sent in error.

Kyle, of Middle Park Way, Leigh Park, said: ‘I was scrolling through Facebook and this was in my news feed because a friend of mine had commented on it saying it was disgusting.

‘I can’t believe that this is even able to be put on Facebook.

‘I know of children as young as 10 on Facebook and it’s appalling that they may be able to see it.

‘This video is being beamed into children’s homes.

‘But Facebook actually accepts this.

‘It doesn’t violate its code of conduct. It’s disgusting, and very odd that this is the case. I’ve reported it twice now.’

Kyle said he suffers from anxiety and seeing the video affected him.

‘I felt very disturbed,’ said Kyle. ‘I have problems sleeping anyway and this made it worse.

‘It was so horrible because it is clearly real. It’s not just a film clip.’

The film shows seven men of Middle Eastern appearance on their knees with their hands tied behind them.

In 2013 Facebook banned videos of this nature but changed its policy in the autumn, saying such videos and pictures were allowed because people commented on them to condemn them.

And it said more controls would be put in place so users could limit what sort of footage they can and can’t see.

However a spokesman said the message was sent to Kyle in error and the video has now been removed.