Paperboy thanked for saving elderly lady after she fell

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teenage paperboy Dan Miller has been hailed a hero for saving the life of 95-year-old Christina Carter.

The 16-year-old was on his rounds delivering The News to her house in Portchester when he saw Christina tumble.

News paperboy Dan Miller came to the rescue when Christina Carter fell and broke her leg Picture: Paul Jacobs (151011-8)

News paperboy Dan Miller came to the rescue when Christina Carter fell and broke her leg Picture: Paul Jacobs (151011-8)

She had got up to get her paper and fell.

Dan immediately rushed to fetch help from her neighbours, getting into to her house and calling for an ambulance.

The fall was so bad that she broke her leg in four places and the bone was protruding through her skin.

Now four weeks later, thanks to the quick-thinking teen Mrs Carter is recovering in hospital and her family has thanked him.

Grandaughter Claire MacCormack said: ‘If it had not been for his quick thinking and response, my grandmother could have bled to death.

‘She was losing a lot of blood from her injury and Dan insisted on staying with her even after the paramedics and my aunt Pauline had arrived.

‘My aunt said to Dan that he could leave, however he insisted on staying until he saw my grandmother was safe and in the ambulance.

‘As it is she has had two operations including a skin graft.

‘She is still far from making a recovery as the accident has put her body under immense stress, but at least thanks to Dan’s efforts she is still with us.’

Dan visited Mrs Carter in hospital on Friday and took her a bunch of flowers and copy of The News.

Mrs Carter, who has nine grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, said she so grateful to Dan for helping her.

She said: ‘I do appreciate it, ever so much.

‘I don’t know what else he could’ve done. He was very, very good.’

But for humble Dan, who is studying catering at Fareham College, his actions were all in a day’s work.

He said: ‘I saw her fall over through the window. My immediate reaction was to get in to see if I could help her.’

Mrs Carter family had a whip-round and gave Dan £50.

He said: ‘It was not necessary but I’m very grateful.

‘It was just good seeing her again. I am glad to know that she is getting better.

‘She is a very lovely woman and seeing her again brought a smile to my face.’