Parking changes and limited bays anger residents

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ANGRY residents are voicing their concerns over changes to parking in their street.

Recent restrictions in Kingsland Close, Paulsgrove have stopped residents using the grass banks as parking spaces after an incident saw a lady slip over.

After this, Portsmouth City Council deemed them unsafe.

But this means people are now having to fight for the limited bays available.

Resident Ashley Hanks said: ‘We understand why the changes have been made but there are not enough spaces for people living in the close.

‘There are only 20 allotted spaces but 33 houses and most residents have at least one vehicle per household, many two, and some appear to be running small fleets.

‘Because of this, people are now parking illegally and blocking other cars in.’

‘I work from 5.30am and when I get home the last thing I want to do is search high and low for a parking space.

‘They should turn the grass into parking bays as children aren’t even allowed to play on there.’

The changes started on March 4 and parking is being monitored by council contractors, Capital2coast.

Councillor David Horne, who is ward councillor for Paulsgrove, said: ‘I was unaware that a letter had been sent through to the residents restricting their parking.

‘I think this is the wrong decision as people now have nowhere to park due to the lack of designated spaces.

‘When I visited the close a few days ago, there were 18 cars parked wherever there was a space.

‘It would be better if we could tarmac the grass but then we might have to start charging and would residents pay?

‘It is an issue that we are trying to solve.’

A statement from Syed Ali, Portsmouth City Council’s area housing manager, said: ‘Following an accident, where a mother slipped carrying her child across the grass verges, we had to take immediate action to stop vehicles driving across the grass, churning it over and making it unstable.

‘The grass verges aren’t official parking places, and often block the pavement for pedestrians, not to mention damaging the land.

‘We’re looking into a solution.