Parking plan prompts mixed reaction from people in Southsea

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PLANS for parking restrictions in central Southsea have had a mixed reception from residents and 

Portsmouth City Council will bring in new parking rules for streets between Albert and Jessie roads at the end of the month.

The scheme will mean that only residents’ permit holders and cars with a visitor’s scratch card will be able to park there between 5pm and 7pm.

Although the scheme is supposed to make life easier for residents and stop non-residents using the area as a long-term car park, not everyone is happy.

Northcote Road resident Jeannie Driver said the parking system worked fine as it was and any restrictions only cause problems.

She said: ‘It’s absolutely ridiculous and hasn’t been properly thought through.

‘It makes me want to move out of the area and it will divide the community.’

Ms Driver said the council’s consultation on the issue had been ‘a complete farce’.

Aaron Law works in Albert Road café Rock & Rolls.

He said restrictions would take their toll on businesses in the area.

‘It would be a lot more difficult for us, because we have a lot of deliveries and they use Harold Road.

‘A lot of the businesses around here rely on being able to park here.’

Sutherland Road resident Tim Compton said the scheme had both good and bad sides.

He said: ‘It will be good because when we get visitors they do find it hard to park, especially when there are a lot of students here.

‘But the downside is that the visitors will have to get a permit.’

But Cavendish Road resident Georgia Booth called for more parking restrictions.

She said: ‘There’s the Kings Theatre, there’s Palmerston Road, so we do have a bit of trouble getting parked.’

Council leader Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson said the scheme was a compromise, and rejected claims there had been a lack of consultation.

He said: ‘There are competing issues and it’s hard to please everybody.

‘We’ve been consulting for two years. We’ve written to every single household twice and we’ve put up signs around the area.

‘What I get back from residents is that they just want something to happen.’

Cllr Vernon-Jackson said residents of other parts of Southsea would be asked if they wanted their own parking zones after the new zone had been introduced.