Pathway could be cleared to use for new grave space in Waterlooville

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PROPOSALS to remove a section of pathway at a cemetery to allow for new burials have been criticised.

Havant Borough Council is considering using some of the pathways at Waterlooville Cemetery for graves because it is running out of space.

Notices have been put up at the Hulbert Road cemetery to inform the public about plans.

But some visitors are outraged.

One disabled woman, who regularly visits the cemetery to visit relatives, is 

The Farlington woman, in her 60s, who did not want to be named, said: ‘Are they suggesting you walk over somebody’s grave?

‘That’s pretty disrespectful.

‘Have they thought about people that are in a wheelchair?

‘I don’t think they are thinking of the bereaved.’

She said her father-in-law’s grave was placed on a corner path so family members with mobility issues could get to it.

A statement from the council said: ‘It is not uncommon for paths and roads to be used for grave spaces indeed, this has happened at Waterlooville and Warblington cemeteries in the past.

‘There are no new double-depth grave spaces available in Waterlooville cemetery and this has been the case for approximately a year.

‘There is however plenty of space for cremated remains.

‘There are some single-depth graves and the re-opening of graves with second spaces is continuing.

‘This means there is about 12 years’ supply of new double-depth graves at Warblington cemetery.

‘In January the council looked at a loop of road in Waterlooville cemetery that could possibly be transformed into grave space.

‘Bollards were installed to indicate the section of road and to prevent access.

‘A notice was placed within the cemetery and on to the bollards explaining what this area was being considered for.

‘Cars should not be parked on roadways within the cemetery as this causes other cars to drive over graves to get past.

‘As a result so far we have received four enquiries.’