Patience has paid off for original Mary Rose diver

HE was beside her under the water when the Mary Rose was first lifted from her watery grave in 1982.

Wednesday, 20th July 2016, 6:00 am
Chris Dobbs, head of interpretation at the Mary Rose Trust. Picture: Sarah Standing (161036-6933)

And almost 34 years later, one of the members of the team to launch the project to save the ship was there to see her proudly unveiled at the Mary Rose Museum.

Chris Dobbs, head of interpretation at the Mary Rose Trust, beamed with pride as the curtain dropped to reveal the ship he had worked on three decades earlier.

He said: ‘This was always the end result to show the ship unimpeded by the conservation processes.

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‘This shows the enormous amounts of human endeavour that has gone into this project and how if you want to achieve something really important you have to be patient.’

Speaking of the moment the Tudor flagship was raised, he added: ‘I was one of three divers underwater at that time so I really didn’t hear all the razzmatazz.

‘But just seeing the ship lifting off the seabed and going up was incredible.’