Pensioner on holiday at Hayling charged £80 for ‘15 yard’ dog walk

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A HOLIDAY-MAKING pensioner was left in tears after she was fined for walking her dog 15 yards across a car park.

Jessie Richards was issued a fixed-penalty notice of £80 after walking her dog across a ‘Blue Flag’ car park at Beachlands, Hayling island.

While dogs are not allowed on the nearby beach between the months of May and September, Mrs Richards, 71, was unaware the restriction extended to its parking facilities.

On holiday in the area from Wokingham, she was left crying in her car after being slapped with the charge last Wednesday.

She said: ‘My husband and I parked up to go to the Beachlands car boot sale.

‘We had to park close because we’re both disabled.

‘There are signs saying no dogs are allowed but these are so small and are very hard to see when there are traffic queues and lots of footfall.

‘These are simply not clear enough.’

Phillip Brombley, 47, is the manager of Beachlands Cafe opposite the Sea Front Estate car park – frequented by revellers attending the car boot sale.

He said: ‘I know of at least four or five people who were given these fines at last week’s sale.

‘The businesses here have resorted to spending their money and putting up their own signs so their customers don’t get fined, which the council should do.

‘If indeed the car park is a Blue Flag area, there is a real hypocrisy here. The council are allowing people to park their cars there, but they can’t walk their dog.

‘What harm can walking a dog on a car park do?’

Following a spate of fixed-penalty charges being dished out to users of the car park, Havant Borough Council says it will be conducting a review of the Beachlands area and its Blue Flag boundaries.

It has also reimbursed some of those affected by the fines.